Everything to know about AC Furnace Filters


What are the furnace filters?

These furnace filters designed for the security of the furnace. The furnace filter collects all the waste, debris from the furnace. The fan of the furnace filter done the cleaning of the debris by throwing the air fast on the pollutant materials.

The filter collects all the garbage in the duct. The filter thus protects the environment and maintains a healthy air in the room. So you get clean and unpolluted fresh air for breathing. The furnace filters circulate the air and catch the dust particles in the air.

To have improved results you should regularly replace air filters.  If you are unable to replace filters then Heating Repair Now can do it for you during a heating maintenance call or heating repair.

Working of Furnace Filter

The working of the furnace filter moves in a cycle from the home to the duct and the furnace. All the cold air in the room is collected in the duct. The duct sends this cold air to the heat exchanger which heats the cold air and makes it warm.

The warm air moves back to the duct. From the duct, this air transferred to the room with the help of vents. The whole cycle repeats as the duct gathers the cold air. This cold air again moves to the heat exchanger and then moves outside.

The process repeats many times until all the air is heated up and gets cleaned. In this way, the pure dust-free air becomes accessible in the room.

Types of the Furnace Filters

There are many furnace filters accessible in the market, but not every of them is suitable for you. The different furnace filter filters designed for different situations. Let’s have a look at which furnace filter will be perfect for your home according to its conditions.

Disposable Furnace Filters
As the name indicates, the disposable furnace filters should be deposed after the usage of some time. They can’t be used for a permanent basis.

Fiber Glass Furnace Filter
The fiberglass furnace filter is composed of fiberglass duct which can control the motion of larger dust particles. However, the smaller dust particles will still pass through the duct and will remain present in the room.

This type of filter is available in much reasonable amounts. The manufacturers of fiberglass furnace filters guide to replace it monthly to attain good results. Anyhow this filter is not suitable for patients that are suffering from breathing problems like asthma.

Pleated Furnace Filters
The pleated furnace filters made from cheap materials. The materials usually are of polyester and cotton paper. It is affordable and not very expensive. Apart from the large particles, the pleated furnace filters are capable of absorbing the specific small particles.

Usually, it controls the spores and mites although the collection is very specific. It can be used to maintaining the normal clean environment. However, for critical patients, it is not recommended.

Electrostatic Furnace Filters
This type of filter is much beneficial in all the disposable furnace filters. It is made up of self-charging electrostatic paper or cotton fibers that charge the dust particles by themselves.

So there’s not any need for heat exchanger because the electrostatic paper or fibers provide heat much efficiently. They are not much expensive and safe to use if you’re looking for eliminating the harmful small dust particles. This should be deposed monthly.

Reusable Furnace Filters

Electrostatic Furnace Filter
The electrostatic permanent furnace filter is made up of self-charging electrostatic fibers that collect the small dust particles. It is much suitable to choose if you have any smokers in your home.

The cost of this furnace filter vary, but you should have to replace it once then it becomes permanent. Proper cleaning of the filter is necessary to get good results all the times.

High-Efficiency Pleated Furnace Filter
It is composed of highly working 4 to 5 pleated or cotton that collects the small harmful dust particles. The metal grid is present in this furnace filter that ensures no leakage of the particles.

The high-efficiency pleated furnace filter is much suitable to choose if you have any respiratory or autoimmune disease. The cost of this furnace filter is somewhat high.

When to do the replacement of the furnace filter?

In order to get a properly cleaned air which is free from all the dust the replacement of furnace filter is necessary. You can clean the furnace filter regularly or replace it timely.

You should replace the disposable furnace filter monthly or after three months. The permanent furnace filters should b cleaned regularly, and they’re generally not replaced. But if you see many years have passed, you can replace your permanent furnace filter to get good health of lungs.

You should read the proper guidance of cleaning the furnace that is provided by the HVAC. The filters of HVAC are quite affordable, versatile and give extremely fine pollution free environment.

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