Heating Maintenance

Affordable Yearly Heating Tune-Ups Saves Money


We have a long list of things to be proud of in Las Vegas and keeping families safe and warm during the cold winter months is very important to us.   Because family and home mean everything to Nevadans, so should our heating quality.

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Furnace Safety Tips

The following are some steps to help you keep your furnace in the great shape, plus reduce your monthly expenses and increase your home safety.

  1. Maintain a habit of cleaning or replacing filters once a month or minimum once every two months.
  2. Buy a carbon monoxide alarm and place it near your furnace.  It will let you know if there is a leak in exhaust pipes.
  3. Check your interior heating vents for blockages.
  4. Install a smart programmable thermostat.

Types of Furnaces Filters

It would be more wise decision to purchase a better filter which help to save your money in future. If you are allergic you surely need a high-quality filter.

The types of furnace filter are:

Disposable fiberglass filters
These are less effective type of filters and are usually the cheapest in price.

Washable electrostatic filters:
These are one of the more effective filters versus one-time fiberglass filters. It can be cleaned and provide better results.

4-5-inch Pleated filters:
These filters minimize the use of other filters because they are durable in use and need to be change less often.  We recommend these filters as they also do a better job on removing allergens from the air.

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